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Support members of the Black and Racialised communities who have lost loved ones during COVID

Majonzi (Swahili):
Grief or deep sorrow

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought sorrow and grief to families and communities around the world.

Black, Asian and Racialised Ethnic Communities Affected 

disproportionately during COVID-19. Restrictions have meant that traditional funerals, mourning rituals and even last goodbyes have not been able to take place.

Majonzi fund was created to provide bereavement and grief support

to members of the Black and Racialised communities affected by loss during Covid-19. Fund recipients are provided with a monetary grant to use towards memorial events and tributes to commemorate the lives of those lost in a way that is meaningful to them, and through grieving and bereavement resources in partnership with BAMEstream.

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“My family have weathered the impact of the pandemic with our own personal loss. My sister’s partner passed away as a result of the virus and we have been grieving his loss separately ever since.


When you lose a family member under these heart-breaking circumstances, you simply cannot put the pain into words. You realise the importance of the grieving process within your own families and communities. With the support of the public, I hope this fund can make a small difference to families and communities affected by COVID-19.” 

                               - Patrick Vernon OBE,

Founder of The Majonzi Fund



deaths in the UK



Research shows that Black and Racialized Community groups mortality is
2 to 4 times higher, even after accounting for demographic, socio-economic and health-related factors.


Restricted Grieving

For many, COVID-19 restrictions meant that family, friends and loved ones were unable to gather for traditional funerals, mourning rituals, and for some, not even last goodbyes. 


Fund recipients are provided with a monetary grant to use towards commemorating the lives of those they have lost in a way that is meaningful to them: anything from a memorial service to commissioning a work of art for the community.

The funds will be managed and distributed by

The Ubele Initiative, an African Diaspora led infrastructure organisation leading the work in the UK to develop a community response to Covid-19 for Black, and Racialised communities.

Second round of applications currently under review

BAMEStream is an alliance of Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic practitioners, therapists, policy experts, activists and academics who aim to raise awareness and take action to address the urgent mental health and wellbeing needs of the UK’s Black, and Racialised communities. 

BAMEStream offers customized, culturally-relevant bereavement services, events and support for individuals and communities.

Get Involved

Donate and fundraise by sharing information with your friends and family. Every £500 raised offers a new grant for those that need it most.


Spread the word about the Majonzi fund on social media to help raise awareness

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Share your thoughts through articles, creative writing and poetry on our blog.





Artists, writers and filmmakers who have created work that commemorates those who died as a result of the pandemic can submit their pieces for display or auction.

Either upload your work for the Memorial Wall or email us to get in touch:

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