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Majonzi Fund Grant Application

Fund recipients are provided with a monetary grant of £500 to use towards commemorating the lives of those they have lost in a way that is meaningful to them: anything from a memorial service to commissioning a work of art for the community.

Who can apply?

  • Households that have lost loved ones during Covid-19 and would like to organise an event to commemorate their lives

  • Community groups and organisations (including faith groups) looking for funding to organise a memorial service

  • Social entrepreneurs or artists looking to organise an event or commission a piece of art for a community


  • Loss during Covid-19, either within a household or community

  • Black and Racialized household or community group

  • Intent to use the funds for memorial services (an event, commissioning art etc.) and/or further fundraising activities

Accepted applicants may be requested to provide additional documentation to verify the information in their applications


The application will allow space for any examples or attachments that can aid in the description of memorial plans or use case for the grant that will assist the committee in making a determination on merit for funds. Any documentation that serves to evidence your plans will strengthen the application.

Applications for round 2 are currently under review. We will re-open for new applications in the summer.

The funds will be managed and distributed by The Ubele Initiative, an African Diaspora led infrastructure organisation leading the work in the UK to develop a community response to Covid-19 for Black and Racialized communities.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Black and Racialised Community groups?

    Please follow link here for a list of eligible Black and Racialised Community groups.


  2. What kind of supporting attachments are you looking for?

    Any supporting documentation that would strengthen your application would be useful, including but not limited to photos, links to social media accounts, information on the individual’s life in the UK and their community contributions, etc.


  3. When can I expect to receive the funds once I have made an application? 

    The committee will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis and we will take into consideration any specific timeframes defined by applicant.


  4. How will payments be transferred?

    The Ubele Initiative will be managing the transfer of payments via bank transfer. Should your application be successful, you will be notified over e-mail detailing next steps

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