With kind support from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust as part of their COVID- 19 Action Fund a grant has been awarded to Patrick Vernon OBE a Fellow who lost a family member to COVID-19 to develop the website

Ubele Initiative will take lead responsibility in the administration of the grants and donations raised.

The Majonzi Fund is to provide small grants to help families, work colleagues, community groups so they can organise memorial events for BAME individuals who have died as a result of covid19. 

We are still fundraising to have a large grant pool. Please donate to our GoFundMe page 


The website will have a facility for potential applicants (families, workers, community and faith groups) to either apply online or download an application for funding for memorial project. There will information about grant criteria and details of successful applicants and those involved in the grants committee. In addition, the site will have a resource section for bereavement support with case studies and examples of how people can celebrate the life of loved ones, former work colleagues and different BAME and faith communities who been impacted by COVID-19.

The site will also contribute to new thinking around bereavement support, PTSD and narrative heritage through articles, blogs and creative writing and we are seeking contribution and ideas

The site will create a memorial wall to recognise those who died of covid19 with messages and details of events from family members, co-workers and the public who have organised post lockdown.

We will also establish a school competition for young people to present a vision of a post COVID-19 Britain where inclusion and anti-racism is central.

The site is keen to feature artists, writers and film makers who have or in the process of creating work around commemoration and celebration of the lives who died as a result of covid19 plus their views/interpretation on the socio, economic and racial inequalities of covid19 

If you would like to contribute to content of the site from information on bereavement case studies on Memoria, creative work or assist in fundraising activities, sponsorship or funding please contact Patrick Vernon